Sneak peek at upcoming stories in 2015

We had time to look back at 2014, we had time to celebrate New Years eve and now it's time to look ahead. It's the year 2015 and what is it going to bring?! When I'm looking foward I see loads of new and interesting adventures, testing of new products and scuba diving discussions. Sometimes the anticipation is just as fun, so I'm offering a sneakpeek at some of the upcoming stories of this year at My Scubadiving Stories.

At My Scubadiving Stories we have different categories of stories and the upcoming year won't be any different. What can you expect the upcoming months of 2015:

Product Stories
- Mares Comfort 150
I recently won the Mares Comfort 150 during the Facebook Christmas Calender contest.

- How to choose your dry suit?
In addition to the story above I'll need a dry suit to test this product. However which kind of dry suit is available and how to know wich one is the correct one for me?

- Bare wetsuit 7mm
As a birthday present I got the new 7mm wetsuit model from Bare. How will this keep up against my Mares 7mm I've used the past years.

- Search for underwaterhouse Go Pro 2
My housing broke down and a new housing is supplied anymore by any Dutch shop. I'm going to search for a new housing and ask Go Pro what to do with a perfect permoring camera.

Adventure Stories
- Dutch adventures
Definitely going to scuba dive a lot in the Dutch waters again and you're coming right along with me during those new adventures.

- Salt water versus Sweet water
If you read any of my blog posts you know I love scuba diving in salt water. However to broaden my horizon I'm going to explore the sweet water world.

- Adventures abroad?
This will remain a mystery as I have no clue myself yet what I'm going to do this year. As always I'll find some exotic or mystery dive site to explore during my travels. Which one will have to be decided yet...

My Stories series
During the past few months I've been writing several 'My Story' stories. A series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. The upcoming months I'll definitely share some more memories.

Special: Bookreview
I've been asked to write a book review by a friend who put a lot of energy and spirit in creating this scuba book. Keep an eye out for this review! You won't be dissapointed.

Off course there will be loads of different and other stories along the ones mentioned above. I'm looking forward to a brand new year of scuba diving, just as all of you!

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