A new dive housing Go Pro Hero 2

During one of my last dives in 2014 the dive housing of my Go Pro Hero 2 broke down. No idea how, but I lost my shutter button. It was just missing from the housing at the end of my dive. I did have some luck as my camera survived. I tried repairing it, but that failed completely. A camera without housing isn't very usable for a scuba diver. So I went in search for a new dive housing for my old Hero 2. This turned out to be quite a search.

We all know that Go Pro already brought the new Hero 4 series to the market last year. Despite that my Hero 2 is outdated it still works great. I invested quite some money in this camera. I bought a special dive housing, 2 extra batteries, a LCD screen and an extension pole. All in all it would be a waste to through this all away because I didn't have the right dive housing.

The Go Pro Hero 2 needs a special dive housing which has the flat lens. You need the flat lens to make clearer pictures and videos below water. However, here the problems started. After visiting several stores in my home city and contacted several webshops I was getting worried. I got the same answer each time: "Sorry this specific housing has been withdrawn by Go Pro and will not be delivered anymore. We can offer you the Hero 4 instead." Well I'm not interested in the Hero 4, I only wanted a new dive housing for my Hero 2.

Time to contact the big company itself. I did this with little hope, but to my surprise I got a reply within 2 days. Well didn't expect that! Well done +GoPro! Really good customer service!

The answer I got:
"Thank you for contacting the GoPro Support Team.

Sorry to hear about the issue you experienced with the Housing for your Hero2 Camera and would like to help you out.

Firstly I would like to clarify that the Dive Housing for the Hero2 is currently out of stock and are awaiting replenishment but can't provide an exact date as to when it will be made available.

I can although inform that Ebay and Amazon currently do have these in stock and I'm able to inform that you can obtain the compatible Housing for your Hero2 Camera using this alternative until we have replenishment for the item.

I hope this helps clarify and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us."

They neatly point out that the old dive housing was still available on Amazon and Ebay. Some quick research made clear that the old dive housings where sold on Amazon for weirdly high amounts of dollar. I paid € 60,- for my old one. I really didn't want to pay that much more. In the end I found an offer on Ebay (UK version) which I bought.

I can finally go scuba diving with my old reliable Go Pro Hero 2. :)


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