Had a great time at the Duikvaker expo

Last weekend I visited the Dutch scuba diving expo called the Duikvaker. The whole day was all about scuba diving adventures, new & old products, new scuba initiatives and meeting up with friends from the Dutch scuba diving community. All in all it was a great day to be a scuba diver. Let me share a small recap off my day and all the interesting scuba topics I encountered.

Try out some scuba gear
One of the biggest advantages of being at a scuba diving expo is the opportunity to discover new scuba products. Think about new wet- or drysuits, new diving lamps or a BCD. However the most fun is not just discovering these products but being able to test them at the location immediately. At the Duikvaker expo they built a massive swimming pool, deep enough to try out some scuba gear before making the decision of buying it. I didn't go in as I've made some arrangement about testing products this year during my normal Dutch adventures dives. More on this in a other story.

Scuba diving holiday 2015
Me and my girlfriend visited a presentation about scuba diving at the Philippines and we where sold immediately! Presentation was held by the Dutch resort manager of Magic Island Resort. If this is going to be our 2015 holiday I'm taking you with me on what looks like an amazing adventure. From the Philippines to my scuba diving dream at the other side of the world and temperatures. I also encountered an organisation who organise expeditions to the Antartica for scuba divers. This has always been a dream of mine to scuba dive alongside an iceberg. More on this in a future post ' scuba diving dreams'.

Meeting up with friends
It's always nice to meet friends with whom you share a certain passion. Recently I wrote a book review about here scuba diving guide for the Caribbean island Curacao. Was really good to hear my review was well received and had made an impact. Her email inbox was filled with request for the guide. Furthermore I met up with my fellow Suunto Pro Staffers and for a nice lunch. We talked about the year 2015 and all Suunto products we are going to test this year. Can't wait to start!

CoralGarden initiative
I met an interesting start up initiative during my visit, called CoralGarden. They are committed to the restoration and protection of coral reefs. I've contacted this initiative and asked if they are interested in an interview for My Scubadiving Stories. I'll keep you posted.

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