Review of the Bare 7mm Elastek full wetsuit

How often do you buy a new wetsuit? I recently bought my 2nd one since 2010, the Bare 7mm Elastek. My last wetsuit lasted me for over 5 years! After that time it really was time for a new one. Last Wednesday I went scuba diving and took the change to really test my new Bare wetsuit. Water temperature was 3 degrees Celsius with an air temperature of -1 degrees. How did it go?!

I'm not going to share all the technical details that Bare is providing. If you want to read those, visit their website. Let's be honest, those details don't tell you how the wetsuit handles during a real dive.

That's why I'm focussing on my own experiences. My last wetsuit was a hooded wetsuit. This means that the hood was attached to the wetsuit. For my new Bare 7mm Elastek I made the choice for a separate hoody. For me this gives me the feeling I have more manoeuvrability with my head.

Why the Bare 7mm Elastek?
The most important factor in choosing a wetsuit is how it fits your body. It needs to enclose your
whole body. The Bare wetsuit was the first I tried and it just fitted perfectly. No need to try some others :) Besides I already have positive experiences with the Bare 3mm.

How does the wetsuit perform?
According to the product details the Bare 7mm Elastek is suited for water temperatures till 6 degrees Celsius. Currently the water temperature in the Netherlands is 3 degrees Celsius. Perfect to really test the capabilities of the wetsuit.

The wetsuit performed as I had hoped. I went for a dive for 20 minutes and didn't feel the cold water at all. I had to surface because my fingers where starting to ache. Fingers are always the first sign in colder waters. The Glideskin seals at the wrists and ankles worked nicely. I always tip them inside which keeps te water in your suit. Water which your body already warmed. The zipper at the back makes it easy to get and out of your wetsuit.

All in all I'm very happy with buying the Bare 7mm Elastek as my new winter wetsuit!

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