Scuba diving in Antarctica

What is your scuba diving dream?

My scuba diving dream... Not sure if everyone has one, but I do! The past five years I've been able to dive and see a lot of the world. However this dive location is still on the first place of my wish list. A dive location only a few can say they ever visited and experienced. The moment I saw a scuba diver diving near an iceberg I was sold. The lure of enormous beauty combined with the rush of adrenaline that comes with a real adventure. Scuba diving on Antarctica!

I think it was only a few months after I learned scuba diving in the warm waters of Dahab, Egypt. I was browsing through a scuba diving magazine when my eye was caught by the image of a scuba diver beside an iceberg and a seal alongside the diver. I started reading the whole article and before I knew it I was sold. Ever since I'm captivated by the idea of going on this expedition and the adventure of scuba diving those icy waters.

Why then is this still a dream?
Well firstly I found myself lacking the experience for this kind of scuba diving. I only just got my OW and AOW in Dahab. Not exactly the experience you need for this kind of scuba dive. Secondly, I didn't / don't have the equipment for this kind of diving and thirdly I don't have the money for such a trip. However the last past years I've been working on this dream!

I've been scuba diving all over the world. From the icy waters in Iceland to the warm waters in the Caribbean. I've gained a lot of experience and I'm still adding to it with every new dive here in the Netherlands. This year I'm going in search of the perfect dry suit to fit my needs. I'm all taking you along in this search and testing of different types of dry suits. This would mean that at the end of this year I would also have all the equipment I need. The last thing stopping me from making my dream come through would be the money. A tiny but big hurdle to take.

Scuba diving in Antarctica

How to scuba dive on Antarctica?
During the Dutch scuba diving expo (Duikvaker) a few weeks ago I met a company who arrange
expeditions to Antarctica. When going on such an adventure you fly half around the world with your gear and board an expedition vessel with only the basics on board. When I say expedition I really mean an expedition. Don't expect any luxury yachts or entertainment on board.

Immediately I got the chills and goosebumps all over my body. Would my dream be really possible. After talking with someone at the company I quickly released this will be a dream for at least a couple of years more. The basic of basic travel arrangements will set you back a mere $ 9.000,- per person for a 10 day trip. The company isn't clear in what basic means and if this also includes the scuba diving and the travel to the expedition vessel. My own experience tells me the cost will always go up.

This is serious money to spend on one single holiday and for me several years of saving. Not taking about the fact what my partner will say about this spending spree. Then again... You also have only one scuba diving dream!

If you have any experience with scuba diving Antarctica of have more info please tell :) Love to hear more about it.

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