Scuba diving in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai

The last two weeks it has been a bit quiet here on My Scubadiving Stories. My life has been a bit hectic. A long story short is that I sold my current apartment and my partner and I are waiting for our new house to be finished. Meanwhile we moved in with a friend in his apartment. You probably get the hectic part right now... That's why I'm really looking forward to a short holiday in April to Dubai in the UAE. Off course I'm curious to the scuba diving possibilities in Dubai. Never pass a scuba diving opportunity!

When looking in to scuba diving in Dubai you'll read you can dive on the East or West coast. The West coast is the lesser option of the two. The visibility is really low and there is almost no corals over there. The East coast and mainly Fujeirah is mentioned as the place to go scuba diving when visiting the United Arab Emirates. Fujeirah is an one hour drive from Dubai where we will be staying.

After checking with a friend, who visited Dubai more often, he told me the same thing and referred me to the dive center '7 Seas Divers', located in Fujeirah itself. I e-mailed the dive center for more information. Looking forward to see which options they are going to present.

Last year I also wrote about the artificial underwater park they are building over there. Unfortunately I can't find anything on what the current status is, but I'm going to find out when I get there.

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