World Championship underwater photography 2015

It's going to be a challenge! It's going to be cold! It's going to be a first! It's going to be fantastic!
The world championship underwater photography 2015 will be held in the Netherlands. The blue of the tropical seas is replaced by the green waters of Zeeland. From all over the world in total 90 scuba divers (from Russia, Brazil, Mexico and more) will be competing in finding and capturing the winning photo. I love to make photo's and video's during my own dives, but I'm definitely an amateur. Let's take a look at what challenges these professionals are going to face.

The Championships have rarely been held in this type of water. Photographing here will be even more of a challenge! The water is colder the some of the dives are used to. This means scuba diving in dry suits and getting used to a different buoyancy. The cold can also play hazards with your concentration.

Some of the dives sites are tidal. This adds an extra layer of depth and excitement. Scuba divers will only have a small window in which they can dive and there are no currents. And those currents are strong here in the Netherlands. They wouldn't be the first divers who need rescue because they couldn't reach shore anymore.

Last but not least there is the matter of reduced visibility. This can vary per day and even per dive site and it can't be predicted. On a normal day the visibility is around 5 meters, not as infinite as some divers may be used to. However it may just be a bad day in which visibility is only 1 meter. I have had many of those days myself.

Curious to what scuba diving in the Netherlands looks like, check out the video below.

Program of the world championship underwater photography 2015
- May 21st : Opening Ceremony
- May 22nd : Adaption dives
- May 23 : Competition dives
- May 24 : Competition dives
- May 25th : Prize Awarding Ceremony

I'll be keeping you posted about updates and news around the wold championship and off course I'm going to visit it myself when the time comes :)

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