Dive center review: Al Boom Diving

This is going to be my last post about scuba diving in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates. As always the last post is a review about the dive center with whom we went diving. In this case it was the dive center Al Boom Diving. They are present at several locations within Dubai and with one dive center in Fujairah. The dive center offers a transfer from Dubai to Fujairah, however we choose the cheaper option and rented a car and drove ourselves. An adventure on itself.

Staff (expertise/ professional / friendliness)
Entering the dive center we where greeted friendly by the staff and in moments we where checking our gear. When something was missing they where very helpful. Everything was very organised and in no time everything was ready for a day of scuba diving. They gave a short but clear boat briefing while exiting the harbour on our way to the first dive site. Once here we got a dive briefing and where splitsed up in to groups with a maximum of five scuba divers. The end of the day was a bit incoherent and everyone quickly cleaned their gear and walked away. However it has to be told that the dive centers invited everyone to stay and fill in our logbooks together. They also offered a voucher with a 25% discount for drinks and foods at the beachbar.

Rental equipment
Cressi and Aqualung are the brands being used by Al Boom Diving. Both very renowned brands. The material has been well maintaned by the dive center.

Price versus quality
I paid 400 Dirham (€ 105,-) per person, for two boat dives including full rental equipment. I think this is a reasonable price which you may find in any other country. Some countries are even more expensive. I was surprised as Dubai (United Arab Emirates) can be very expensive in everything else.

Al Boom dive center
Al Boom dive center

Dive shop
The dive center has an extensive dive shop with all kind of scuba equipment. From a BCD to scuba book about scuba dive sites in the United Arab Emirates.

Dive sites
There are several dive sites a long the East coast near Fujairah. I only dived on Sharm & Martini Rock. Both dives sites blew me away with all the marine life we encountered. It was an amazing experience. Check out this blog post, video and photo's of the two dives we made.

I can definitely recommend scuba diving in Fujairah and I recommend doing this with the dive center Al Boom Diving. I had a great day and amazing dives.

Contact informationScreen Shot 2015-04-20 at 20.35.09
Name: Al Boom Diving Aqua Center
Telephone: +971 (4) 342-2993
Email: abdiving@emirates.net.ae
Website: http://www.alboomdiving.com

>> Check out some visuals about scuba diving in Fujiarah here.

Al Boom dive center

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