My Stories: ‘My most weirdest dive’

This is my 10th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures and this time I want to take you along memory lane in my weirdest dive I've ever made. It has nothing to do with wreck diving or any other adventurous thought you may have. The dive was in a small pond in the middle of a golf course in the middle of the Netherlands far away from the salty waters I love so much. Scuba diving for golfballs wasn't something I ever thought I would be doing.

It was pitch black with the only lights coming from our scuba diving lamps. Driving around the golf course in a golf car in our full scuba gear trying to find the pond where we would be diving. Thinking back this is probably the most hilarious ride I've ever made on my way to a dive site. After 15 minutes of driving with a couple of near misses with sandy bunkers we reached the pond. I call it a pond because it really was a pond. Perhaps maximum depth of 3 meters and perhaps a bit bigger then your normal swimming pool.

golfballYou may be thinking at this point how we as scuba divers ever ended up at a golf course?! Well that bright idea came from my buddy Victor. He's a passionate golfer himself and knew the owner of this particular golf course. In exchange for some beers and a steak we would dive up the golf balls from the pond. Easily said and done you would think...

The grass around the pond was wet and slick and there was no easy way in the pond except to just jump in. The pond was filled up with some kind of grass and the bodem was made up of silt. The end result, we had wrestle through every patch of water because of the grass which got caught on every piece of our equipment. Even our brightest lamps didn't make a dent in the silt we managed to stir up in our search for golfballs. We could only crawl the bodem and feel around with our hands hoping to find a golfball. Dragging a net in which we collected each gem we found. A full basket, 1,5 hours later and completely chilled to the bone we decided it was time for that beer and steak.

I'm almost at 200 dives and this is still the weirdest dive I've made by far. Looking back it's a hilarious memory and if someone else spotted us it would have been a great tabloid story: "Mysterious divers seen at golf course". What is your most weirdest dive ever?

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