Scuba diving in Dubai part-1

Dubai… What can I say about this city?! Almost everything you see here as a tourist is fake and build to entertain. Despite this it’s all very beautiful here and you’re amazed about the skyscrapers and enormous projects they are constructing here. We all know Dubai from Palm Island and the 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. Well currently they also have the highest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, 800 meters high. Also they are building two extra man made islands. Another Palm Island and another one in the shape of the world. You can understand that all this building isn’t great for scuba diving and marine life in general! Even the scuba centers themselves don’t promote diving here.

While doing some research in to scuba diving in Dubai I found the same answer over and over again. Don’t scuba dive in Dubai, go to Fujairah in stead. Probably that is the reason they are constructing a man made reef for scuba diving here. All though I can't find anyone with some knowledge on this project. Apparently nobody here has heard of it. The only options for scuba diving in Dubai are the aquariums in Dubai Mall or Atlantis or the swimming pools at the hotels. Even the scuba diving centers in Dubai promote scuba diving in Fujairah instead of Dubai.

I tried contacting a scuba diving center in Fujairah on advice of a friend, but they never responded to my email. So I thought to wait till I was in Dubai myself and try to arrange something from here. Another friend gave me the name off All Boom scuba diving center. Located in Dubai as in Fujairah. I asked my hotel to mediate and with their help I booked a scuba diving trip. As I only have 1 day planned for scuba diving I better hope it will be good! We will see tomorrow how it goes...

Fujairah is almost a 2 hours drive by car from Dubai. The scuba center does offer transfers, but they are expensive. The total cost for scuba diving are:

Scuba diving trip (boat dives) with full rental and 2 dives: 400 UAE per person
Transfer from Dubai to Fujairah and back: 200 UAE per person

When you are with more persons there is an alternative to the transfer. Something I'm doing myself as I’m here with my partner. You can also rent a car for 120 UAE per day and 25 UAE for GPS device. Minimum is 2 days rental, but this is still cheaper than taking the transfer.

Tomorrow we will be driving at 07.00 am to Fujairah for a day of diving. As the rest of our days are
filled with other activities, like hanging out at the beach :) I'll share my scuba adventures with you after my holiday.

Keep an eye out for 'Scuba diving in Dubai part-2'.

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