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Scuba diving in Fujairah (Dubai- part 2)

cuba diving and sleeping late are two words which are never mentioned in the same sentence. The alarm clock going off at 06.00 a.m. only proves this once more. After a quick breakfast we are ready for our 2 hour drive from Dubai (West coast) to Fujairah on the East coast. Why? Because according to the local dive centers, as explained in part-1, scuba diving should be much better over there. They are absolutely right! We had an amazing day in Fujairah and where blown away with all the marine life we saw during our dives. Check out my video and photo's below and see it for yourself!

Dive sites
I never expected so much marine life on both dive sites! Martini Rock is a large pinnacle covered in corals. It reaches a depth of 22 metres and rises to 3 metres below the surface. Sharm Rocks, a set of rocky pinnacles with sandy gullies, the western side is shallower, with typically 3-5 metres depth. The eastern, ocean-side is deeper, with a maximum depth of 12 metres. Water temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius. The visibility was around 8 meters on both dives. I have to say expected much more visibility and was surprised by this. However, this absolutely doesn't diminish my enthusiasm about the dive sites.

Marine life
Schools of fusiliers, sergeant majors and bannerfish, groups of niger triggerfish, damselfish and anthias. Colourful hawkfish, Arabian angelfish and timorous cornetfish and at the deeper areas, moray eels, lionfish and scorpionfish. Cuttlefish can be seen in pairs while broomtail wrasse and parrot fish add a flash of colour. Large starfish, sea urchins and crown of thorns cover the rocks. Coral coverage and diversity is fantastic, with green and purple whip coral, soft pink tree corals, fire coral and Antler coral. Within two dives we encountered 4 Green Turtles and several cuttlefish pairs.

It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive across the country from Dubai to Fujairah and back!

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