Review of the scuba lamp: Ikelite PCm led

The Ikelite PCm LED is my current back-up scuba diving lamp while scuba diving in the Dutch waters. It's my primary lamp when scuba diving in tropical waters. Somewhere down the time line I got this lamp as a present with my subscription on a scuba magazine. Nonetheless this dive lamp has performed wonderful the last few years. Let's take a closer look at it's specifications.

The Ikelite PCm LED diving lamp measures 5 x 11 centimeters and can't be called a very big lamp. Despite it's small seize it lies easy in the hand and isn't top heavy. Also it's easy to store away in your BCD side pockets.

Below water I was amazed by the amount of light this dive lamp produces. The Ikelite has a broad beam and is clear enough to even see during a day dive near the surface. In the Netherlands a narrow beam is preferred because of all the particles in the water, but as it is my back up light I never had any problems with this. Which definitely is a negative point is the lamp switch. Without gloves easy to handle with one hand. This is a different story however when using 6,5mm gloves. Then you need both hands to switch the lamp on and off.

To make a fair comparison I compared the Ikelite PCm LED with two other lamps in the same price category: The LED Lenser D14 and the Subgear Prolight XP.

Ikelite PCm LED versus LED lenser D14
The somewhat cheaper led Lenser 14 is completely blown away by the Ikelite. The Lenser D14 is bigger then the Ikelite, which is easier to store away because of it's small seize and is easier to handle. An important feature for a back up light. Looking at burn time and the amount of light the Ikelites wins on both fields.

Ikelite PCm LED versus Subgear Prolight XP
The Subgear lamp is a bit more expensive then the Ikelite. Still I was curious how the Ikelite would
hold up. As we all know more expensive doesn't always means automatically better. The Prolight definitely wins on burn time, which is almost 3 times as long. However the Ikelite is much smaller and lighter. When look at the amount of light between lamps there isn't much of a difference. Although the Prolight has a narrow beam where the Ikelite has a broad beam. All in all the Ikelite definitely holds his own against the Prolight.

The Ikelite PCm LED is nice scuba lamp with good performance, easy to handle and store away. It's a great back up lamp and even in tropical waters it's could function as a light primary lamp.

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