What is your favorite position of the compass?

The compass... That piece of equipment that will always remain a mystery to some divers and to others it's that essential piece of equipment they can't do without! In my case I couldn't make a dive without it. As the visibility in the Netherlands is always low, normal around 5 meters. Without my compass I couldn't plan a dive and follow it. I would truly have no idea where I would be below water. However, what is the best place to wear / use your compass?

You can wear the compass in a few different ways. We have the wrist compass, with straps or bungee cords and do you wear it left or right? You can wear the compass with a retractor and clip it to your BCD. An other option is to wear the compass on your console housing for your pressure gauge and depth meter modules.

I've tried different approaches, but till this day I prefer to use my compass on my console housing. On
my wrist I have my dive computer (sometimes two) and on my BCD I usually have attached my lamp and camera. Just so much what you can clip to your vest.

What is your preferred way of using the compass?

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