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Sun, 28 degrees Celsius and a clear blue sky! That's the prediction of your smartphone's weather app for upcoming Saturday. Immediately you check with your regular scuba buddy what he is doing this weekend. To your dismay the answer is that his mother in law is having a birthday bbq. So scuba diving is out of the picture for him. Disappointed you are looking at your smartphone. No other friends scuba dive and you haven't joined a scuba club. So what are you going to do?!

Exactly this situation I had myself a few years ago. Well you can understand that I didn't go scuba diving that day, to my big frustration! However it did leave me with a little conundrum (don't you just love that word!). How to find a scuba diving buddy? I still didn't have any intentions of joining a scuba club in my city. I went to take a look at two clubs, but it was filled with quibbling older persons and no one of my own age. Not exactly what I was looking for. So joining a scuba club was out of the question. 

However a solution sprang to mind not long after. As someone who works intensively with social media and online tools, why not use them in this instance. Facebook seemed the most logical place to start as all my friends are to be found here. So I created a (closed) Facebook group called 'Duikbuddy gezocht?' or freely translated 'scuba diving buddy wanted!'.

Scuba divers

Scuba divers

At first a few friends who are 'warm water' divers joined the group. Not really interested in scuba diving in the Netherlands. However slowly other people started to join. It went with a trickle but I noticed there are many more scuba divers out there who where looking for a scuba buddy! During that first year I very quickly met several friendly, interesting and good divers with whom I have had some great dives in the Netherlands!  

The Facebook group still exists and is counting 155 scuba divers at this day and we are still counting. The group is Dutch as I was searching for someone to go scuba diving with in the Netherlands. This means if you're a Dutch reader don't hesitate and join our Facebook group. Usually there is always someone willing to go scuba diving. If you're not from the Netherlands (or perhaps a bit of Belgium) the group is less interesting for you, but perhaps you could start your own! 

>> Check out 'Duikbuddy gezocht?' (Scuba buddy wanted!)



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