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The scuba diving logbook… We are all familiar with it. Usually your first logbook is a small and annoying book which you get from the scuba diving center when completing your open water course. You can usually fill in around 25 dives after which you get a more ‘professional’ looking logbook. This one offers more room for more than just your logbook pages. I bought my own ‘professional’ logbook in the Netherlands and I’m still using it till this day. My own logbook contains actually quite some items which I always take along on any given scuba diving day.

Off course it contains my scuba license cards, logbook pages and some pens to fill in the pages. It also contains the PADI recreational dive planner and a manual how to use it. Not that I’ve forgotten it, but it can be handy to have one around. Furthermore I have the neurological control table, luckily I never had to use this one! (you get this after completing your rescue diving course)

More recreational are the plastic cards with information on marine life. I have one from the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Netherlands. They are fun to collect, offer information on the main marine life (fish, corals and more) and are easy to use. I like to know what marine life I see while scuba diving. If I encounter something I don’t recognise I always look it up with the cards, by asking the dive center or at home with some books about marine life. When scuba diving at home with a buddy who is new to diving in the Netherlands I always take the time after our dive to see which marine life we encountered.

The most important factor of your logbook are off course the logbook pages. Even though I always dive with my Suunto D4i dive computer, from which you can download your dives in the DM5 software, I still fill in my physical logbook pages. What I find annoying though is the fact that all logbook pages differ from each other. That’s why I created my own logbook pages a couple of years ago. However after two years of using them I’ve noticed I was still missing something. So I fine-tuned my own logbook pages so they suit the needs I have now.

If you’re looking for new logbook pages feel free to use these ones! You only need to go to a copy shop (or use your own printer). The links down below will open the pdf’s after which you can download the logbook pages.

>> Front logbook page
>> Back logbook page

Check out an example below:

My Scubadiving Stories logbook page
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