Suunto connects it’s dive computers with online dive platforms Diveboard and Diviac

Apparently we can say farewell to filling in our physical logbook pages. Damn and that while I just wrote about the advantages of a professional logbook last week ;) Today Suunto communicated that it's dive computers will be able to connect to two major online dive platforms; Diveboard and Diviac. Well I'm curious... I've never heard of these online platforms. Then again that doesn't say much as there are so many online platforms, scuba communities and diving app's... you can't keep track of them all! In any case, both platforms offer the option of an in the cloud logbook. The connection works from the Suunto the Movescount sport community and you'll need to make some steps before you can import your dives.

As I'm not familiar with the online platforms I took a quick tour around their websites. Both platforms are more then just cloud based logbooks.

Diveboard offers you to check out scuba diving locations and experience them through a scuba divers eye. Let's take for example 'Aqaba in Jordan'. You can read about reviews of other scuba divers, watch photo's of the marine life present and you're able to immediately book an hotel from the site. And off course you fill in a cloud based logbook. They offer an app's on Apple as Android.

Diveboard online scuba platform
Diveboard's cloud based logbook
Diveboard's cloud based logbook
Diveboard's cloud based logbook

Diviac stand for Dive Maniac and this online platform offers a range of scuba interests. They offer a cloud based logbook and it even let's your logs get validated by your buddy or scuba instructor. Furthermore they have a marine database with thousands of species and statistics, graphs and tools to help you track and analyse your dive history,  a full fledged scuba community and it let's you book your next holiday. Well it just sounds fantastic, what do you need more?! ;)

Deviac's online scuba platform
Deviac's cloud based logbook

How to connect to these platforms?
To start with cloud based logging with your Suunto dive computers you first need to install Suunto's DM5 software and register to Movescount. After this you need to connect your Movescount account to DM5 and import your dives. Then go to the preferred service (Diveboard or Deviac) and from this platform you make the connection to your Movescount account and again import all your logs into / sync your data with this platform. As easy as making a dive...

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