Scuba diving at Cebu in the Philippines

Since my first blog about the Philippines I'm seeing story after story about scuba diving at this country. The Philippines offers a huge variety of marine life. The island Cebu, somewhere in the middle of the Philippines, offers a change on a spectaculair encounter! Something that brings the words amazing, awesome and fantastic to mind. A change to scuba dive with whale sharks! 

Imagine scuba diving with these gracious enormous animals, such an encounter almost sounds magical! They can reach lengths between 7 and even 14 meters long. They glide through the water feeding on plankton. Scuba diving with whale sharks is also an item which fuels a lot of discussion on the harm that tourism brings to these beautiful creatures. I'm going to address this discussion in a different blog. For now I want to focus on what Cebu has to offer us scuba divers. 

Besides whale sharks there is a second possible encounter which is just as high on my 'meeting' list! A few days ago I read an article on the scuba platform regarding dive sites in the Moalbaol area which is a region on the island Cebu. The coastline here offers several different dive sites where you might have the change to dive with millions of sardines. This is most commonly known from scuba diving in South Africa, but apparently you can also enjoy such an encounter without drysuits and in warmer temperatures. To see such giant schools swim in unison would also be an awesome sight. 

However it doesn't stop here. The MoalBoal area offers so much more. I have no idea how to describe al the different possibilities. Turtles, cuttlefish, octopus, frogfish, mandarin fish, schools of jacks and tuna, bat and crocodile fish and last but not least pigmy sea horses. Would love to see one of those! You have the change to explore some caves and an airplane wreck. Apparently Cebu offers it all! 

I'm only staying for four days in the island Cebu and already I'm wondering how many dives can you get in 1 day!?


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  1. Great post.

    In one day you can do at least 5 dives. It might be hard to get the dive center on that, but it’s possible. I’m glad the article spiked a new dive spot.

    All the best

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