Scuba diving in the Philippines

Scuba diving in the Philippines, my next great adventure! In four weeks time (I'm already counting down the days) I'm off for a three week holiday visiting Manilla, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol in the Philippines with a stop over of three days in Hong Kong. The scuba diving adventure is mainly on the islands Cebu and Bohol. So what do the 'famous' Philippines have us scuba divers to offer?! Many stories, photo's and video's travel the web already about amazing dives. I'm ready to explore it all for myself!

I came in contact with the Philippines as a scuba location during the 'Duikvaker', a Dutch exhibition on scuba diving earlier this year. We visited a presentation on scuba diving in the Philippines and me and my partner where immediately sold. The only thing left was the question when we would go? Some research learned us that the best period is between November and March. In the months before November you have a change on typhoons in the area. We decided to go in November, just before the holiday season :) The temperature during this month is steady around 32 degrees Celsius which during night time drops to around 25 degrees. Still a lovely temperature. The water has a temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. Definitely taking my 3mm wetsuit along! The water temperature in Holland during the same period is around 14 degrees. So really looking forward towards the warmer water. 

Marine life?
I have no idea where to start here. The Philippines offer so much marine life in all it varieties, there is no way to describe it all. Hard & soft corals, large and small fish and even sharks are not uncommon. The islands do have there own certain specialties in marine life. As I'm going to scuba dive mainly at Cebu and Bohol I'm going to take a closer look at these particular islands and what dive sites they have to offer. Keep an eye out for future posts. 

Where are the Phillipines? 
Check out the Google map below. Quite some travel time from my own country the Netherlands. 

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