Where do you rinse your scuba gear?

Rinsing your equipment... The part of scuba diving nobody really likes but which is nonetheless an important factor of our hobby we all so love! Especially when you have your own equipment you want to be mindful about how you take care of it. We all know scuba gear doesn't come cheap!  This means you really want to rinse your gear after a (salt water)  dive. Nothing so harmful as salt crystals for your equipment. When on holiday it's usually easy. Scuba diving centers commonly have special rinsing area's and sometimes they even rinse it for you. When scuba diving at home it's a rather different story. Till recently I was very creative in how to rinse my equipment.

The past four years I lived in an appartment on  the third floor. In the very beginning when I started scuba diving, this always meant lifting my heavy soaked gear up the stairs and towards my bathroom.  Yup I took showers with my diving equipment and no I didn't wear my wetsuit and mask ;) I just didn't have any other solution. My bathroom was actually so small that the box with my gear stood outside in the hall and I had to swip gear to be able to clean it all. You can imagine this was a time consuming effort after every dive and ofcourse it's not the best thing for your shower.  

Rinsing area
Rinsing area

It didn't take me long before I was fed up with cleaning my gear this way and I went in search for easier methods. One of the easiest solutions and the one who gave me the most stares from other people was rinsing my equipment in a car wash box. For just one euro I could use the high pressure hoze to rinse my BCD and wetsuit and even in the same time clean my car. My car never looked any cleaner than during that period. The more sensitive equipment I still washed at home. In the end and after some hardy laughs of fellow divers I was redirected towards an official rinsing area for dives in th neighboorhood of where I always go scuba diving. Till recently I always used this rinsing area. The only problem... Sometimes I had to drive 15 minutes in the wrong direction (away from home) after a dive just to rinse my equipment. Not something you want to do after a day of scuba diving. You just wnat to go home and enjoy a beer or during winter time a warm shower.

However recently things have changed... Some of you probably noticed I haven't blogged so much in the past few months. Well that was because I was busy with my new house. Just three weeks ago it was finally finished and me and my girlfiend are happily living in our new home. A big part of our new home was the garden and a big part of the garden was my own specially designed rinsing area. Making you jealous already? Good! ;) Finally I can just drive home, rinse my equipment and hang it our to dry while I enjoy that cold beer. Only thing left to do is bring it up and store it when it's dry. I'm just loving it! 

Rinsing area at home
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