About me

I’m scuba diving since the summer of 2009. I travelled on my own to Dahab in Egypt and got my open water and advanced open water certificates from PADI. I was immediately hooked to the wondrous world below the waves. Still it wasn't till 2010 I met my current dive buddy Victor. With him I made my first steps in the Dutch scuba diving scene. I will never forget our first dive without a guide. I think we came to surface around six times to get our bearings how to get back to shore.

Since that time I have been able to get a little more experience. I'm not far off from my 200th dive and I have my rescue certificate. Furthermore I scuba dived on some very interesting dive sites the last couple of years. My favorites among them are the wreck Thistlegorm in Egypt and Silfra in Iceland. Two totally different dives but unique in their own ways.

"I just love scuba diving and these are my stories..."

Scuba diving is more than just a hobby for me, it’s become a passion. A passion I love to share with others around me. That’s why I started my own blog ‘My Scubadiving Stories’ in the beginning of 2013. An ideal way of sharing my adventures, my product experiences and my general view on scuba diving with my friends and the world. During the past years my blog has matured and grown, but for me it's still about sharing my passion and information with other scuba divers. That's why I created the 'Recommended dive center'  page. I write reviews about each dive center I've visited.

I wish you all a lot fun following my stories! Never hesitate to ask a question, I will always try to give a response. Use the contact form or use one of the social channels.

See you below the waves!

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