Scuba diving in Dubai part-1

Dubai… What can I say about this city?! Almost everything you see here as a tourist is fake and build to entertain. Despite this it’s all very beautiful here and you’re amazed about the skyscrapers and enormous projects they are constructing here. We all know Dubai from Palm Island and the 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. Well currently they also have the highest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, 800 meters high. Also they are building two extra man made islands. Another Palm Island and another one in the shape of the world. You can understand that all this building isn’t great for scuba diving and marine life in general! Even the scuba centers themselves don’t promote diving here.

My Stories: ‘My most weirdest dive’

This is my 10th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures and this time I want to take you along memory lane in my weirdest dive I’ve ever made. It has nothing to do with wreck diving or any other adventurous thought you may have. The dive was in a small pond in the middle of a golf course in the middle of the Netherlands far away from the salty waters I love so much. Scuba diving for golfballs wasn’t something I ever thought I would be doing.

Do I need a scuba diving insurance?

Last weekend I was at the birthday party of my favorite niece and I was talking with one of my uncles who is also a passionate scuba diver. Big difference between us he loves to dive fresh water and I’m a salty lover. At this birthday party he was telling me he had taken an extra insurance for scuba diving. This peeked my interest because globally we ‘Dutchies’ are the second most insured people you’ll ever going to meet (The Swiss are the number one). So what has DAN (Divers Alert Network) which my own insurance company doesn’t have?

Lumpsucker fish - Netherlands

The dive locations of the world championship underwater photography 2015

From May 21st till May 25th the world championship underwater photography will be held in the Netherlands. Let’s take a closer look at the dive sites where the photographers will be competing for that winning photo. Probably most if not all the names of these dives sites will be impossible to pronounce, unless your Dutch off course ;) There are 10 different dives sites in total spread over three locations.

World Championship underwater photography 2015

It’s going to be a challenge! It’s going to be cold! It’s going to be a first! It’s going to be fantastic!
The world championship underwater photography 2015 will be held in the Netherlands. The blue of the tropical seas is replaced by the green waters of Zeeland. From all over the world in total 90 scuba divers (from Russia, Brazil, Mexico and more) will be competing in finding and capturing the winning photo. I love to make photo’s and video’s during my own dives, but I’m definitely an amateur. Let’s take a look at what challenges these professionals are going to face.

Scuba diving in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai

The last two weeks it has been a bit quiet here on My Scubadiving Stories. My life has been a bit hectic. A long story short is that I sold my current apartment and my partner and I are waiting for our new house to be finished. Meanwhile we moved in with a friend in his apartment. You probably get the hectic part right now… That’s why I’m really looking forward to a short holiday in April to Dubai in the UAE. Off course I’m curious to the scuba diving possibilities in Dubai. Never pass a scuba diving opportunity!