Review of the Bare 7mm Elastek full wetsuit

How often do you buy a new wetsuit? I recently bought my 2nd one since 2010, the Bare 7mm Elastek. My last wetsuit lasted me for over 5 years! After that time it really was time for a new one. Last Wednesday I went scuba diving and took the change to really test my new Bare wetsuit. Water temperature was 3 degrees Celsius with an air temperature of -1 degrees. How did it go?!

Scuba diving in Antarctica

What is your scuba diving dream?

My scuba diving dream… Not sure if everyone has one, but I do! The past five years I’ve been able to dive and see a lot of the world. However this dive location is still on the first place of my wish list. A dive location only a few can say they ever visited and experienced. The moment I saw a scuba diver diving near an iceberg I was sold. The lure of enormous beauty combined with the rush of adrenaline that comes with a real adventure. Scuba diving on Antarctica!

A new dive housing Go Pro Hero 2

During one of my last dives in 2014 the dive housing of my Go Pro Hero 2 broke down. No idea how, but I lost my shutter button. It was just missing from the housing at the end of my dive. I did have some luck as my camera survived. I tried repairing it, but that failed completely. A camera without housing isn’t very usable for a scuba diver. So I went in search for a new dive housing for my old Hero 2. This turned out to be quite a search.

Anti-Shark Wetsuits

I was surfing on the internet and found an article which I really had to laugh about. At first I thought it was an hoax, but after some research on the web I had to adjust my thoughts. I even found a TedX talk about this topic and the organisation behind it, Shark Attack Mitigation Systems of SAMS for short. Apparently this is ‘old news’ as it was communicated back in 2013. Well I missed that news article! If you missed it also, keep on reading. I’ve included the video of the TedX talk. Very interesting!

Had a great time at the Duikvaker expo

Last weekend I visited the Dutch scuba diving expo called the Duikvaker. The whole day was all about scuba diving adventures, new & old products, new scuba initiatives and meeting up with friends from the Dutch scuba diving community. All in all it was a great day to be a scuba diver. Let me share a small recap off my day and all the interesting scuba topics I encountered.

Scuba diving in the Netherlands

Top Ten dive sites in the Netherlands for starting scuba divers

Scuba diving in the Netherlands. For some a nightmare and for others a lifelong passion. Not many people know that the Netherlands offers the most beautiful dive sites of Northern Europe. During scuba diving season people come from Belgium, Germany and even France for scuba diving holidays to Holland. However the Netherlands is also known for it’s treacherous waters and not all dive sites are accessible to every diver. What are the best locations for starting scuba divers to explore the dive sites of Holland.