Lumpsucker fish - Netherlands

The dive locations of the world championship underwater photography 2015

From May 21st till May 25th the world championship underwater photography will be held in the Netherlands. Let’s take a closer look at the dive sites where the photographers will be competing for that winning photo. Probably most if not all the names of these dives sites will be impossible to pronounce, unless your Dutch off course ;) There are 10 different dives sites in total spread over three locations.

Scuba diving in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai

The last two weeks it has been a bit quiet here on My Scubadiving Stories. My life has been a bit hectic. A long story short is that I sold my current apartment and my partner and I are waiting for our new house to be finished. Meanwhile we moved in with a friend in his apartment. You probably get the hectic part right now… That’s why I’m really looking forward to a short holiday in April to Dubai in the UAE. Off course I’m curious to the scuba diving possibilities in Dubai. Never pass a scuba diving opportunity!

Had a great time at the Duikvaker expo

Last weekend I visited the Dutch scuba diving expo called the Duikvaker. The whole day was all about scuba diving adventures, new & old products, new scuba initiatives and meeting up with friends from the Dutch scuba diving community. All in all it was a great day to be a scuba diver. Let me share a small recap off my day and all the interesting scuba topics I encountered.

Scuba diving in the Netherlands

Top Ten dive sites in the Netherlands for starting scuba divers

Scuba diving in the Netherlands. For some a nightmare and for others a lifelong passion. Not many people know that the Netherlands offers the most beautiful dive sites of Northern Europe. During scuba diving season people come from Belgium, Germany and even France for scuba diving holidays to Holland. However the Netherlands is also known for it’s treacherous waters and not all dive sites are accessible to every diver. What are the best locations for starting scuba divers to explore the dive sites of Holland.

My Stories: ‘A drift on the Red Sea’

This is my 9th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. In my previous post about my scuba diving holiday in Sharm el Sheik I told you how I had to use my rescue training in practice. However that day happened more then just a rough sea, something no diver wants. We where a drift on the Red Sea and our boat didn’t see us drifting away. Here is my story…

My Stories: ‘Using my rescue training in practice’

This is my 8th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. In my last post I wrote about the best wreck dive ever in Egypt. However during this same scuba diving holiday I also got the change to use my rescue training skills during a real dive. The Red Sea was really turbulent that day with waves of around 4 to 6 meters and fierce winds.