The Sepiola or Bobtail squid

The very first reaction your going to give is an ‘aaaaaah, so cute! The Sepiola or bobtail squid is a smaller version of and relative of the Cuttlefish. With it’s 4 to 6 centimeters they are however way smaller and more difficult to spot. They love sandy areas in which they burrow themselves. Usually there aren’t that many on one place. However this year I got a tip from a fellow diver they where in abundance at the dive site ‘Kabbelaar’ in the Grevelingen lake. Usually I go wreck diving here, but this time I went for the sandy patches around 6 meters just left of the wrecks.

An introduction dive in Holland goes as followed

When booking the introduction dive for my three friends I made the arrangement we would be at the dive center at 08.30 am sharp. Luckily the dive center had some coffee ready, because we all needed it. The bbq the night before was just way to much fun and the alarm on my phone went way to early. Still we where all there, we even made it on time. After meeting our three instructors, each friend had his own instructor, the introduction in to scuba diving started.

First assignment as a ‘Suunto Pro Staffer’

The Suunto Pro Staffers team is made up off three buddy pairs. Where me and my buddy are recreational scuba divers the others are technical divers. We are really going to test each product from various angles. All though me and my buddy won’t be making any extreme dives, we will be writing for the bigger part of the Dutch scuba community. As a Suunto Pro Staffer our jobs are to test products in the field and write about our experiences. This means really getting into the options a dive computer is offering and comparing each computer. As a Suunto fan already I’m really looking forward to the change to dive with the whole Suunto product range.

Scuba diving in the Netherlands

Taking 3 friends on an introduction dive in Holland

This weekend I’m off again for some scuba diving in Zeeland. However, this time I’m going with three friends who have never dived before. Well one did a intro dive in Greece last year, but you can’t compare that with an intro dive in Holland. The four of us decided it was time to meet each others hobbies and I’m first with taking them on an introduction dive in Holland. How about that for a weekend adventure.

A night dive in Holland

Last weekend it was Pentecost or Whit Sunday with the prediction of beautiful weather. This meant packing up our dive gear, our tents and sleeping bags and we where off for a weekend of camping and diving. In the end the weather wasn’t that spectacular as where most of the dives. Visibility was just terrible. Except for that very first dive! That was one amazing dive on a location we know very well, but which was now feeling totally new because it was pitch black. A night dive in Dutch waters…

Best scuba diving Sunday till now

Last Sunday I had a great day of scuba diving. I got up early in the morning, around 08.00 O’Clock. Oke, early for a Sunday ;) I packed my gear and went of to my favorite diving area in the province Zeeland. It was beautiful day, I even got a small sunburn. I made three dives in which I finally got the change to test my new scuba gear, the limited edition of the Sport Edge from Intova and my scuba lamp the Mares Eos R10. Furthermore we went in search for some sepiola’s, who are rumored to be spotted.