Stormy Grevelingen lake

A drift dive in Holland

It doesn’t happen often, a current in the Grevelingen lake strong enough to make our dive a drift dive. Luckily me and my buddy where expecting it and we have some experience with drift dives. The current was created by powerful storm with wind speeds up to 80 á100 km/ hour. It had been some time since my last drift dive and it was nothing as spectaculair as that one.

What to do if your scuba buddy hasn’t dived in 2 years?

A colleague learned scuba diving in Honduras about two years ago and didn’t make a single dive since. She heard me talk about scuba diving in the Netherlands and this made her curious. After watching some of my scuba video’s she was sure about it… she wanted to try a dive here. However, I’m no dive master (yet), so what do you do if someone hasn’t dived for two years and has only 11 dives in her logbook? Netherlands is definitely no Honduras! But then again I’m familiar with al the dive sites and this wouldn’t be my first dive with someone less experienced.

Scuba diving center Dolphins

Dive center review: Dolphins

I’ve made my very first guided scuba dive in the Netherlands with them, I’ve rented all my equipment there until I bought my complete scuba set in their store and after five years I’m still coming here for a cup of coffee and to fill my tanks whenever I’m in the neighborhood. I’m talking about the best dive center in the Netherlands ‘Dolphins (Go Dolphins)’. I always write a review about every dive center I’ve dived with and this one has been overdue for a very long time.

My Stories: ‘My biggest scuba diving mistake’

This is my 3th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. After our first dive without a guide we got even more determined to learn how to scuba dive in the Netherlands. We practiced that whole summer till it got winter. This changed the rules more then we thought. This one time we made a mistake which luckily ended well, but which could have ended in a much more dramatic scene.

Scuba divers

My stories: ‘A first dive without a guide’

This is the 2nd story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. In this story I’m taking you along how I met my current dive buddy, with whom I still have adventures till this day. It was also our first dive without a guide. A special day and dive that I’ll never forget. How can I, this specific dive is still often ‘the story’ on parties. ;)

My Stories: ‘My very first scuba dive in the Netherlands’

I just came back from a solo two week scuba diving holiday in Dahab (Egypt). I was filled to the brim with excitement about what I had seen below water and being a scuba diver. It had been my wish to learn to scuba dive for many years, but as it goes with many wishes I just never came around to actually doing it. At least not till that summer of 2009. After getting my open water and advanced open water in Dahab I wanted nothing more then to start diving in Holland. However as newbie with only 15 dives in my logbook I didn’t now what to expect from the Dutch waters. I wanted my first dive to be with a professional guide. In hindsight a very smart choice…