Jelly Fish Heaven

Imagine jumping in greenish grey waters with a visibility of around 5 meters and then your find yourselves submerges in a sea of jelly fish of all sorts and sizes. Well to be true I found myself submerged in a sea of moon jellyfish. All though in the North Sea you can find several species.

First freshwater dive of the year

Usually I’m a saltwater diver, but last Saturday I did a freshwater dive. My first in a very long time.
The uncle of my girlfriend is also a diver and as he lives far from the coast he does all his diving in freshwater lakes. It took some time as we started talking about making a dive together around a year ago, but it finally happened. With all his stories about big groups of basses, eels and specially sunk objects he persuaded me to come along for a freshwater dive.

My first night dive in Holland (part 2)

To drop the bomb (figuratively of course) the night dive didn’t go through. After two dives during the day, the chill in our bones, because of the cold water and harsh cold winds, we decided to wait at least till June before trying a night dive. Disappointed, yes! But it a wise decision none the less. However, I did make some beautiful dives during the day and I also got the change to use the Go Pro camera again. So read about an adventure story of what a day of diving in Holland looks like…

My first night dive in Holland (part 1)

Your probably not going believe this, but I have really never made a night dive yet in Holland. Although it has been on my wish list for quite some time, I just never came around to it. Till coming weekend that is! Finally my diving buddy and I are going for a night dive. We haven’t planned exactly where yet, but it’s going to be in saltwater lake Grevelingen. It’s quite a special story how this lake was created and a big part of our Dutch history.

First dive this year on ‘Le Serpent’

A short adventure story for you guys! I went diving today, my first dive of the year. To give you a feel and touch of the dive. Today was a cold grey and windy day. We even had some snow falling. The water- and air temperature where the same with a 1 degrees Celsius. The coldest water I have ever dived in with a wetsuit. I went diving on ‘LeSerpent’, a wreck just a few meters from the coast. Specially put there for divers. Luckily a hotel provides hot showers and dry changing rooms. After filling our wetsuits with hot water (a tip if you ever dive in cold water) me and my buddy jumped in.