Scuba diving with Whale Sharks at Oslob in the Philippines

Scuba diving with Whale Sharks at Oslob in the Philippines. It’s a much discussed theme among divers as they feed the Whale Sharks to lure them and keep them near the coast so tourists can dive or go snorkeling with these majestic gentle giants. Oslob has a bad reputation in the scuba world as in the past they abused the Whale Sharks so they couldn’t swim away. After reassurance by the Dutch dive resort owners where I was staying I decided to take a visit to Oslob and take a look with my own eyes if the situation had really improved.

Review of Magic Oceans & Islands dive resort

Magic Oceans and Magic Island are not just dive centers, but are specially equipt and focussed dive resorts. Usually when I hear the term resort I always have to think about the massive ones where you are just a number between all other guests. Well not this time! I believe during our stay we where with a max of around 20 people who you also actually get to know during that time.

Scuba diving in the Philippines is amazing

Islands that shimmer like green pearls in an perfect aquatic blue ocean with white beaches and palmtrees, the Philippines… Perhaps I should just use the word ‘paradise’ for that’s what it looks like . In 3,5 weeks time I’ve been able to visit Manilla (the capital) and the islands Palawan, Bohol and Cebu. I had a fantastic and amazing holiday and I just loved the Philippines and it’s people. In earlier posts I already wrote about my high expectations about scuba diving there as everyone claims how wonderful it is. So… is this true of are it al fairytales?! In the end it really depends on what you are looking for! I had some amazing dives, I just loved the scuba diving here but it all comes down to the island where you are scuba diving!

Scuba diving at Cebu in the Philippines

Since my first blog about the Philippines I’m seeing story after story about scuba diving at this country. The Philippines offers a huge variety of marine life. The island Cebu, somewhere in the middle of the Philippines, offers a change on a spectaculair encounter! Something that brings the words amazing, awesome and fantastic to mind. A change to scuba dive with whale sharks!

Scuba diving in the Philippines

Scuba diving in the Philippines, my next great adventure! In four weeks time (I’m already counting down the days) I’m off for a three week holiday visiting Manilla, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol in the Philippines with a stop over of three days in Hong Kong. The scuba diving adventure is mainly on the islands Cebu and Bohol. So what do the ‘famous’ Philippines have us scuba divers to offer?! Many stories, photo’s and video’s already travel the web about amazing dives. I’m ready to explore it all for myself and share it with you!