Lake Baikal Russia

Scuba diving center in lake Baikal (Russia) – Part 4

After three weeks of traveling I’m back home and looking back at one amazing holiday. Traveling from Sint Petersburg to Peking (Beijing) in China by train was quite the experience. However one part was a big disappointment. I was really looking forward to go scuba diving in lake Baikal in Russia. Unfortunately this was the only part that didn’t go through. At forehand I had checked with the traveling agency for a scuba diving center. They told me I could (only) arrange everything when arriving in Listvyanka, the town at the shores of Lake Baikal. I’ve spent quite some time finding an option for a scuba diving center, there is almost no information available. In this post some more information on the dive center I found.

Scuba diving in lake Baikal (Russia) – part 3

As you are reading this article I’ve probably just landed in Saint Petersburg. This will be the starting point of our Trans Mongolia adventure. I still have no idea what to expect of this trip and of my plans to go scuba diving in lake Baikal near Irkutsk. I did went hunting for some video material of other people who have dived here. I have found the following videos on YouTube. I hope to bring my underwater camera and to shoot some footage of my own. I’ll try to keep you posted!

Scuba diving in lake Baikal (Russia) – Part 2

It’s difficult to find a scuba dive center yourself near Lake Baikal. I found some references on tour sites, but that’s it. Even +PADI wished me good luck with Googling for a dive center. This is the first time I’ve heard that there is no PADI certified dive center near a dive location. However, after contact with our tour operator, who contacted her local agents for us, the opportunity to go scuba diving in Lake Baikal in Russia became more promising.

Scuba diving in lake Baikal – Russia

I’m counting down till my newest adventure and this time by train. I’m off with the Trans Mongolia express, travelling from Saint Petersburg to Beijing during a 3,5 week period. Despite the awesomeness of this trip, as a scuba diver I’m on dry land with no opportunities to dive. Or are there? I’ll be visiting lake Baikal, the world largest sweet water lake. Which options does this offer and will it be enough to still my scuba diving cravings.