My Stories: The ‘perfect’ thermocline

The ‘perfect’ thermocline, it almost sounds magical doesn’t it. I have to say that for me it has that magical feeling about it. When I encountered this phenomenon I had never heard about the term thermocline before. In retrospect I scuba dived through several off them before, I just didn’t know they where called thermoclines. A thermocline can appear anywhere in the world, however this encounter happened to be on a forlorn beach on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Not a bad place for some magic!

My Stories: ‘The ruined night dive’

While our boat crosses the calm waters of the bay in Vela Luka (Croatia) I’m enjoying the view of the stars and the lights of other boats and houses on land. My fellow scuba divers are talking excitedly, for some it’s going to be their first night dive and they are nervous. Something I can understand when I think back to my first night dive. I… I’m just quietly enjoying the warm breeze and rhythmic bounce over the waves.

My Stories: The annoying and dangerous dive buddy

The sun was radiating heat despite it still being early in the morning. With a cup of coffee in my hand I longingly look towards the boats that will takes us out at sea for a refreshing dive. With a sigh I turn my attention towards my dive equipment. The boats are to small so we need to set our gear up before entering the boat. Afterwards a British instructor gives the dive briefing for the first dive and matches us with our dive buddies for today. I’m being buddies with an Italian whom speaks little to no English. A buddy who will turn out not be just annoying, but also very dangerous. What would you have done in my place?

My Stories: ‘My most weirdest dive’

This is my 10th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures and this time I want to take you along memory lane in my weirdest dive I’ve ever made. It has nothing to do with wreck diving or any other adventurous thought you may have. The dive was in a small pond in the middle of a golf course in the middle of the Netherlands far away from the salty waters I love so much. Scuba diving for golfballs wasn’t something I ever thought I would be doing.

My Stories: ‘A drift on the Red Sea’

This is my 9th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. In my previous post about my scuba diving holiday in Sharm el Sheik I told you how I had to use my rescue training in practice. However that day happened more then just a rough sea, something no diver wants. We where a drift on the Red Sea and our boat didn’t see us drifting away. Here is my story…

My Stories: ‘Using my rescue training in practice’

This is my 8th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. In my last post I wrote about the best wreck dive ever in Egypt. However during this same scuba diving holiday I also got the change to use my rescue training skills during a real dive. The Red Sea was really turbulent that day with waves of around 4 to 6 meters and fierce winds.