Which ‘Travel BCD’ will win the comparison?

The BCD is not the lightest item of your scuba dive equipment. For example, my Mares Prestige MRS weighs around 4,2 Kg and as we all know when traveling by airplane every gram plays it’s part in packing your suitcase. That’s why several scuba brands have developed a special light weight BCD for traveling. Let’s take a closer look at what is being offered.

Product review of the Mares Prestige MRS Plus

It is already two years that I’m diving with the Mares Prestige MRS plus BCD and I just love it. In Holland it is one of the bestselling stab jackets in the market. When I started buying my own gear I didn’t have a lot of money. I just came back from a diving holiday in the Caribbean, but I was done with renting stuff. It was time to get my own gear!