How to install Suunto DM5 software on your MacBook

Suunto quietly released their new DM5 software on the 29th of October. For people who never heard of DM5 software. It’s a program which allows you to download your dive logs for advanced analysis and upload detailed dive plans to your dive computer. Off course it only works with Suunto dive computers. Below I will take you along how to install the DM5 software on your MacBook in four steps, after which you’ll be able to connect your Suunto dive computer.

Mares Smart dive computer

New dive computer by Mares – The Smart

Mares was already teasing with a new release the last couple of days in their dive computer range. Today is the big day and they announced and present the dive computer ‘the Smart’. According to Mares: “Smart replicates the excellent display of the Puck Pro, adding an additional button, buttons repositioned to the side, all packaged into a much slimmer profile.”

Review Suunto EON Steel dive computer

Last wednesday the moment was finally there. With only two Suunto EON Steel in the whole of Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands the opportunity to go scuba diving with the Suunto EON Steel dive computer felt quite special. I wasn’t able to test every feature yet, but I can give you my first impressions and experiences.

Review of the Suunto Vyper dive computer

One of my tasks as a Dutch Suunto Staffer is to test the Suunto Vyper dive computer. I’ve made several dives with it lately and I think it’s time for a short review and to capture my experiences. Usually I always scuba dive with the Suunto D4i, so I’m already familiar with the Suunto software and display. However, it was actually nice to have the opportunity to go diving with an different type of dive computer for a change. It’s always a good thing to broaden your own horizon.

New smart console shares location and air supply with up to 70 divers

I’m not sure if I can think of a situation in which I will ever be diving with 70 dive buddies. Sounds absolutely horrible to me. Biggest group I’ve dived with was 20 people and that was already chaos. People bumping in to each other, differences in depth and air usage and let’s not talk about the dust cloud so many divers create which reduces visibility. However the notion of always exactly knowing where your buddy is and his air supply definitely has it’s merits.