Review of the Suunto (D4i) Wireless Transmitter

As a friend, long time dive buddy of Sebastiaan and enthusiastic reader of My Scubadiving Stories, I am happy to act as guest-blogger here. Sebastiaan asked me to share some of my experiences with the Suunto wireless transmitter, which is available as an accessory with the D4i (and other Suunto dive computer models). I hope it gives you some insight in its advantages.

The Suunto D4i: Love at first sight

I saw it for the first time during my rescue diver course in Curacao, in the Caribbean, and it was love at first sight. A stylish design, black and with all the features you can possible need as diver. It took me up to around a year of saving money, but then I could finally call myself the proud owner of my own Suunto D4i dive computer! After 1,5 years of diving and I’m still in love!