Review of the scuba lamp: Ikelite PCm led

The Ikelite PCm LED is my current back-up scuba diving lamp while scuba diving in the Dutch waters. It’s my primary lamp when scuba diving in tropical waters. Somewhere down the time line I got this lamp as a present with my subscription on a scuba magazine. Nonetheless this dive lamp has performed wonderful the last few years. Let’s take a closer look at it’s specifications.

Review of the scuba lamp: Mares Eos R10

When I say Mares, you’re probably not thinking of scuba diving lamps but of BCD’s, fins, masks and wetsuits. However this Italian brand also has a scuba diving lamp productline under the name ‘Eos’. The biggest part of this line focusses on back-up lights, at least for Dutch waters. When diving in the Caribbean they are perfect primary lamps. The flagship of Mares is the Eos R10, which happens to be my new scuba lamp.

Review of the scuba lamp: Metalsub KL 1242 LED2000

Sometimes it’s all about what’s in a name. In this case I’m referring to the LED light with 2000 lumen. This weekend I got the chance to make a dive with this power beast and it was quite experience. To give a little bit of a mood setting. Imagine the cold waters of the North Sea (Grevelingen lake), a concrete wreck around 57 meters long on a depth of 25 meters and a visibility of around 1 meter. Sounds like a situation you love to have that 2000 lumen doesn’t it.

How to choose a scuba diving lamp – part 2

I’ve described the professional definitions, the different type of lamps, the price range and the different criteria to help and make your choice in part-1 off this topic. In the meantime I also had the change to speak to a friend and co-owner of my favorite dive center in the Netherlands ‘Go Dolphins’. Her advice: “Use a lamp with a minimum of 800 lumen (LED) and take a look at Metalsub or Light & Motion”. In this second part of ‘how to choose a scuba diving lamp’ I’m focusing on the actual lamps in the 800 till 2000 lumen category. Let’s go and take a walk through the scuba diving lamps jungle.

How to choose a scuba diving lamp – part 1

I’ve been thinking about getting a new scuba diving lamp for some time now. Currently I’m diving with the Ikelite PCM, a very small and light LED lamp. Till now it has worked just fine, however it’s more a secondary than a primary torch in Holland. I’m looking for something which has a bit more power. But which lamp should I get? I thought there was already a mind boggling choice in the other dive gear, but that’s nothing compared to the jungle of diving lamps. I’m chopping this topic up in several posts as it’s way to big to handle in one go. But first things first, let’s get familiar with the specific definitions used on websites/ webshops, the different type of lamps and which criteria will help you in defining your and mine choice.