Review of the Bare 7mm Elastek full wetsuit

How often do you buy a new wetsuit? I recently bought my 2nd one since 2010, the Bare 7mm Elastek. My last wetsuit lasted me for over 5 years! After that time it really was time for a new one. Last Wednesday I went scuba diving and took the change to really test my new Bare wetsuit. Water temperature was 3 degrees Celsius with an air temperature of -1 degrees. How did it go?!

Are you an under water ‘Rambo’?

When diving in certain place in Holland you need to be careful about fishing lines. So here it’s always wise to take a knife with you underwater. I even know about some dive schools where it’s even obligatory. But where to put the damn sharp basterd! If you’re not careful you can put a hole in your own BCD.