Review Suunto EON Steel dive computer

Last wednesday the moment was finally there. With only two Suunto EON Steel in the whole of Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands the opportunity to go scuba diving with the Suunto EON Steel dive computer felt quite special. I wasn’t able to test every feature yet, but I can give you my first impressions and experiences.

A story about Intova customer service

A few months ago I entered an +Intova photograph competition and with a great photo (if I say so myself) and help from friends I was able to win. The main price, a brand new limited edition sport edge under water camera. However after a few dives my main price was showing some bugs. The screen went white while scuba diving and the camera wouldn’t respond anymore. So I contacted the customer service from Intova in search for some help.

The Mares Fusion 52x regulator

Apparently it’s the month of new products in scuba diving land. After Suunto last week with the EON Steel dive computer, this week it is Mares turn. They are introducing the Fusion 52x regulator or how they call it: ” The new benchmark in high-performance regulators”. Modesty is a thing of the past it seems. So what makes this regulator so special? Well it’s the very first regulator from Mares which allows you to control your airflow, based on their ‘Twin power’ system. And what does this mean concretely?…

Help with buying your first regulator

You are about the buy your first regulator set, but… Where do you start? There are so many different types, brands and differences in price ranges. What is important to take into account and what questions do you have to ask yourself. This should not be an impulse buy. Your regulator set will be staying with you for the next couple of years. Let’s see if we can answer some of the questions above.

Review of the Suunto Vyper dive computer

One of my tasks as a Dutch Suunto Staffer is to test the Suunto Vyper dive computer. I’ve made several dives with it lately and I think it’s time for a short review and to capture my experiences. Usually I always scuba dive with the Suunto D4i, so I’m already familiar with the Suunto software and display. However, it was actually nice to have the opportunity to go diving with an different type of dive computer for a change. It’s always a good thing to broaden your own horizon.