The Suunto D4i: Love at first sight

I saw it for the first time during my rescue diver course in Curacao, in the Caribbean, and it was love at first sight. A stylish design, black and with all the features you can possible need as diver. It took me up to around a year of saving money, but then I could finally call myself the proud owner of my own Suunto D4i dive computer! After 1,5 years of diving and I’m still in love!

Are you an under water ‘Rambo’?

When diving in certain place in Holland you need to be careful about fishing lines. So here it’s always wise to take a knife with you underwater. I even know about some dive schools where it’s even obligatory. But where to put the damn sharp basterd! If you’re not careful you can put a hole in your own BCD.

Product review of the Mares Prestige MRS Plus

It is already two years that I’m diving with the Mares Prestige MRS plus BCD and I just love it. In Holland it is one of the bestselling stab jackets in the market. When I started buying my own gear I didn’t have a lot of money. I just came back from a diving holiday in the Caribbean, but I was done with renting stuff. It was time to get my own gear!

Product story: The videocamera Go Pro Hero 2 with dive housing

In this product story I’m gonna try to give you guys a review about the video camera ‘Go Pro Hero 2’ with special diving housing. All though the pictures and movies definitely show that I’m still an amateur, I can tell you something about how the camera handles in the warm waters of Egypt and the cold dark waters of Holland. However during my last dive these waters were so dark the footage was completely dark. Next week, after a month of no diving, I’m gonna try again to show you how diving is in the Netherlands. But for now, back to the story at hand…