A new dive housing Go Pro Hero 2

During one of my last dives in 2014 the dive housing of my Go Pro Hero 2 broke down. No idea how, but I lost my shutter button. It was just missing from the housing at the end of my dive. I did have some luck as my camera survived. I tried repairing it, but that failed completely. A camera without housing isn’t very usable for a scuba diver. So I went in search for a new dive housing for my old Hero 2. This turned out to be quite a search.

Repairing the camera housing of my Go Pro

Don’t you just hate it when you have that once in a lifetime picture and your underwater camera chooses this exact moment to give up on you!? Well luckily that didn’t happen to me, but still I was annoyed when I found out my Go Pro refused to make any more video’s or photo’s. After some trial and error I traced the cause back to the shutter button. Time to take a closer look and see if I can solve this problem myself

A story about Intova customer service

A few months ago I entered an +Intova photograph competition and with a great photo (if I say so myself) and help from friends I was able to win. The main price, a brand new limited edition sport edge under water camera. However after a few dives my main price was showing some bugs. The screen went white while scuba diving and the camera wouldn’t respond anymore. So I contacted the customer service from Intova in search for some help.

Review of the underwatercamera: The limited Sport Edge Edition from Intova

What to do if you have two underwater camera’s available and you love scuba diving? Exactly, your going to compare the two with each other. That’s what I did with my older Go Pro 2 and my recently acquired limited edition Sport Edge HD from +Intova. I took them both with me on the same adventure and tried both camera’s in the same situation. I’ve compared both camera’s on the following criteria: technical specs, usability and price. I also have a video which shows both camera’s in action so you can make up your own mind. Let’s take a closer look at the results.

My new underwater camera: the limited edition Sport HD Edge from Intova

As I wrote in an earlier post and as you presumably noticed I participated in the photo competition of +Intova. Thanks to your help I was able to get the most votes and win this contest. My price… The limited edition Sport Edge underwater camera! Before this contest I was only familiar with the Go Pro action camera, so I’m very curious to the specs of this camera and to the differences between them. Unfortunately I don’t have the camera yet, all though I can’t wait for my first dive. In this post I want to check out the specs of this camera. After I have made some dives with my new camera I’ll write a more detailed review about it and compare it to my current Go Pro 2.

Tips and tricks using the GO Pro 2 for scuba diving

I have been using my Go Pro for almost two years now and I’ve noticed that the quality of my video’s have improved over time. I’m still an amateur off course and I wouldn’t even want it any other way. I just love to shoot some video and edit this into a short film to share with everyone else. During the last two years I’ve picked up some pointers which improved my filming qualities and which I want to share with you today. Maybe some of them can help you.