To know what your filming with a Go Pro 2?

The Hero Go Pro action camera. A small wonder for the amateur diver who wants to make some underwater photos and pictures. Let’s say, someone like me. I just love to show friends, colleagues and well actually everyone else what I have seen underwater. As an amateur I found the Go Pro very adequate in doing just that. I have even written a review about the Go Pro 2. The biggest problem however is that you just can’t see what your filming of taking a picture off.

Product story: The videocamera Go Pro Hero 2 with dive housing

In this product story I’m gonna try to give you guys a review about the video camera ‘Go Pro Hero 2’ with special diving housing. All though the pictures and movies definitely show that I’m still an amateur, I can tell you something about how the camera handles in the warm waters of Egypt and the cold dark waters of Holland. However during my last dive these waters were so dark the footage was completely dark. Next week, after a month of no diving, I’m gonna try again to show you how diving is in the Netherlands. But for now, back to the story at hand…