Suunto connects it’s dive computers with online dive platforms Diveboard and Diviac

Apparently we can say farewell to filling in our physical logbook pages. Damn and that while I just wrote about the advantages of a professional logbook last week ;) Today Suunto communicated that it’s dive computers will be able to connect to two major online dive platforms; Diveboard and Deviac. Well I’m curious… I’ve never heard of these online platforms. Then again that doesn’t say much as there are so many online platforms, scuba communities and diving app’s… you can’t keep track of them all! In any case, both platforms offer the option of an in the cloud logbook. The connection works from the Suunto the Movescount sport community and you’ll need to make some steps before you can import your dives.

Damir Zurub is the new world champion underwater photography 2015

It’s a been quiet here on My Scubadiving Stories, life has been a bit restless and today is the first day in which I found the time to be able to write again. Perhaps some of you already read about it, but the world championship underwater photography 2015 has a winner, Damir Zurub from Croatia. The jury found his photo series the best. Below you can see his photo’s with which he won.

Photographer Gery Beeckmans

Being a photo model during the world championship underwater photography 2015

Usually all the attention around the world championship underwater photography goes to all the photographers. However being a photographer is often not a solo job. In many categories they need to take photos which include other scuba divers or better known as underwater models. Being a photo model during the world championship underwater photography 2015 is not to be taken lightly and isn’t for everyone. That’s why I took the time to interview one of the more famous underwater models in the Netherlands, +Marloes Otten. She tells us about her experiences of being an underwater model and what it really entails.

Lumpsucker fish - Netherlands

The dive locations of the world championship underwater photography 2015

From May 21st till May 25th the world championship underwater photography will be held in the Netherlands. Let’s take a closer look at the dive sites where the photographers will be competing for that winning photo. Probably most if not all the names of these dives sites will be impossible to pronounce, unless your Dutch off course ;) There are 10 different dives sites in total spread over three locations.

World Championship underwater photography 2015

It’s going to be a challenge! It’s going to be cold! It’s going to be a first! It’s going to be fantastic!
The world championship underwater photography 2015 will be held in the Netherlands. The blue of the tropical seas is replaced by the green waters of Zeeland. From all over the world in total 90 scuba divers (from Russia, Brazil, Mexico and more) will be competing in finding and capturing the winning photo. I love to make photo’s and video’s during my own dives, but I’m definitely an amateur. Let’s take a look at what challenges these professionals are going to face.

A scuba diving expo in the Netherlands

That the Netherlands isn’t that big of a country is well known in the world. That we have a major active scuba diving community and some of the most beautiful dive sites of Northern Europe is less known. We even have a scuba diving expo / exhibition for all those scuba diving geeks. The ‘Duikvaker’ will be held on January 31st and the 1st of February.