Top 10 dive sites in Europe

I’m sitting on my couch thinking of the title ‘Top 10 dive sites in Europe’. I’m not the first one to make such a list and probably I will not be the last. So what is the best approach to make such a list and why make one in the first place. Let’s start with answering the last question. I’m making one because it’s fun to do so and because I want to know more about possible dive locations in

Mussel culture - Netherlands

My top 10 dives worldwide

During my dives I have come across a couple of dive sites that where just amazing! It is hard to formulate a top ten, because not all sites are comparible. For example, I dived during wintertime on a Dutch dive site and I will never forget this dive. The water had a deep green colour, the sunlight shined through the water and illuminated the artificial reefballs which where completely white. It was like walking through a white forest. But how can I compare this experience with the beautiful dive on the wreck Thistlegorm in Egypt. Clear blue waters, loads of marine live and a spectacular wreck.

Wreck Thistlegorm - Egypt

The top 10 wreck scuba diving sites in the world

This is the first post in my ‘Wish list’ series off various dives sites I want to visit. Each post will highlight and elaborate on specific subject. In this serie the top 10 dive locations for wreck diving. I do know that these list are very subjective, but then again it’s also fun to make them.