Rules around a night dive

I love night diving as it gives that special dimension and adventure to your normal dive site as well as meeting new marine life whom hunt at night. A few days ago I had an interesting discussion in the Dutch ‘Duikbuddy gezocht’ (Dive buddy wanted) community about rules regarding night diving. I asked in the community if anyone was interested in joining me and that experience with night diving wasn’t a necessity for me. It fuelled an discussion on the topics of ‘When are you experienced enough for a night dive?’ or ‘who may take you on a night dive?’. Apparently there is a lot of confusion on these matters?

Where do you rinse your scuba gear?

Rinsing your equipment… The part of scuba diving nobody really likes but which is nonetheless an important factor of our hobby we all so love! Especially when you have your own equipment you want to be mindful about how you take care of it. We all know scuba gear doesn’t come cheap! This means you really want to rinse your gear after a (salt water) dive. Nothing so harmful as salt crystals for your equipment. When on holiday it’s usually easy. Scuba diving centers commonly have special rinsing area’s and sometimes they even rinse it for you. When scuba diving at home it’s a rather different story. Till recently I was very creative in how to rinse my equipment.

Scuba diving in the Philippines

Scuba diving in the Philippines, my next great adventure! In four weeks time (I’m already counting down the days) I’m off for a three week holiday visiting Manilla, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol in the Philippines with a stop over of three days in Hong Kong. The scuba diving adventure is mainly on the islands Cebu and Bohol. So what do the ‘famous’ Philippines have us scuba divers to offer?! Many stories, photo’s and video’s already travel the web about amazing dives. I’m ready to explore it all for myself and share it with you!

Scuba diving and thermoclines

Scuba diving through a thermocline isn’t dangerous, it’s actually quite fascinating. As a scuba diver you probably dived through a thermocline before, perhaps even without knowing what it was. Looking back you may find you’ve dived through quite some thermoclines. However what are thermoclines? How do you recognise one? And where can you expect to find one? Let’s answer these questions.

The scuba diving refresher course

Do you know that feeling? You are going on a scuba diving holiday, have been looking forward to it for weeks or even months. You can imagine that first dive already and than suddenly you need a refresher course! Half a day (or day) filled with theory and scuba exercises. Most recreational scuba organisations have this rule/ norm. However during my travels I’ve noticed the requirements vary per country of perhaps even per dive center. So what does this refresher course really entail?

Scuba diving as an addiction?!

3 months, 23 days, 11 hours and 46 minutes. That’s the time that has passed since my last dive. Ok, ok… Perhaps not exactly, but for someone used to scuba diving each weekend it still feels like an eternity. Me and partner bought a house this year, which meant selling my old apartment and moving out. The big ‘but’ in this story is that our new house is still being build. So all our stuff is stored in a storage facility. Including all my dive gear.