Review of the scuba lamp: Ikelite PCm led

The Ikelite PCm LED is my current back-up scuba diving lamp while scuba diving in the Dutch waters. It’s my primary lamp when scuba diving in tropical waters. Somewhere down the time line I got this lamp as a present with my subscription on a scuba magazine. Nonetheless this dive lamp has performed wonderful the last few years. Let’s take a closer look at it’s specifications.

My Stories: ‘The ruined night dive’

While our boat crosses the calm waters of the bay in Vela Luka (Croatia) I’m enjoying the view of the stars and the lights of other boats and houses on land. My fellow scuba divers are talking excitedly, for some it’s going to be their first night dive and they are nervous. Something I can understand when I think back to my first night dive. I… I’m just quietly enjoying the warm breeze and rhythmic bounce over the waves.

What is your favorite position of the compass?

The compass… That piece of equipment that will always remain a mystery to some divers and to others it’s that essential piece of equipment they can’t do without! In my case I couldn’t make a dive without it. As the visibility in the Netherlands is always low, normal around 5 meters. Without my compass I couldn’t plan a dive and follow it. I would truly have no idea where I would be below water. However, what is the best place to wear / use your compass?

Dive center review: Al Boom Diving

This is going to be my last post about scuba diving in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates. As always the last post is a review about the dive center with whom we went diving. In this case it was the dive center Al Boom Diving. They are present at several locations within Dubai and with one dive center in Fujairah. The dive center offers a transfer from Dubai to Fujairah, however we choose the cheaper option and rented a car and drove ourselves. An adventure on itself.

My Stories: The annoying and dangerous dive buddy

The sun was radiating heat despite it still being early in the morning. With a cup of coffee in my hand I longingly look towards the boats that will takes us out at sea for a refreshing dive. With a sigh I turn my attention towards my dive equipment. The boats are to small so we need to set our gear up before entering the boat. Afterwards a British instructor gives the dive briefing for the first dive and matches us with our dive buddies for today. I’m being buddies with an Italian whom speaks little to no English. A buddy who will turn out not be just annoying, but also very dangerous. What would you have done in my place?

Muray eels - United Arab Emirates

Scuba diving in Fujairah (Dubai- part 2)

Scuba diving and sleeping late are two words which are never mentioned in the same sentence. The alarm clock going off at 06.00 a.m. only proves this once more. After a quick breakfast we are ready for our 2 hour drive from Dubai (West coast) to Fujairah on the East coast. Why? Because according to the local dive centers, as explained in part-1, scuba diving should be much better over there. They are absolutely right! We had an amazing day in Fujairah and where blown away with all the marine life we saw during our dives. Check out my video and photo’s below and see it for yourself!