A scuba diving expo in the Netherlands

That the Netherlands isn’t that big of a country is well known in the world. That we have a major active scuba diving community and some of the most beautiful dive sites of Northern Europe is less known. We even have a scuba diving expo / exhibition for all those scuba diving geeks. The ‘Duikvaker’ will be held on January 31st and the 1st of February.

Bookreview: A scuba guide to Curaçao

The Carribean island Curaçao is well known for it’s azure waters, white beaches and beautiful coves & bay’s. The last time I was on Curaçao was in the year 2011. Three weeks on a Caribbean island to get my rescue diver certificate. A lovely island, definitely worth visiting. A friend of mine, +Marloes Otten, has written a scuba guide about Curaçao and she asked me to write a book review. Within five minutes of opening the guide I was sold. I can only wish I had this guide with me in 2011. So why am I this enthusiastic about a scuba guide?

the Triton oxygen mask

Scuba diving without a scuba tank with the Triton oxygen mask

Not so long ago I wrote a blog post about the future of scuba diving. One of the trends I predicted is scuba diving without a scuba tank. Well, the future is much closer then I thought as this month the Triton breathing mask was introduced. An oxygen respirator concept that allows us to breathe under water for a long time by simply biting it. A hoax or a real technological advancement?!

Sneak peek at upcoming stories in 2015

We had time to look back at 2014, we had time to celebrate New Years eve and now it’s time to look ahead. It’s the year 2015 and what is it going to bring?! When I’m looking foward I see loads of new and interesting adventures, testing of new products and scuba diving discussions. Sometimes the anticipation is just as fun, so I’m offering a sneakpeek at some of the upcoming stories of this year at My Scubadiving Stories.

A recap of 2014

t’s that time of year in which we all look back at 2014. Which where the most interesting, adventurous and memorable stories during the past year. Well… I can say a lot has happened the past year. From scuba diving in Iceland to becoming a Suunto Pro Staffer. I have to say that it was a lot of fun to take the time to look back at what happened in 2014 and what where my highlights. Normally we always look forward, but I really enjoyed writing this post, sometimes dreaming away in memories.

My Stories: ‘A drift on the Red Sea’

This is my 9th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. In my previous post about my scuba diving holiday in Sharm el Sheik I told you how I had to use my rescue training in practice. However that day happened more then just a rough sea, something no diver wants. We where a drift on the Red Sea and our boat didn’t see us drifting away. Here is my story…